How to play badminton

  • Badminton is played on a court by either two players (singles) or four players (doubles).

  • Players use rackets to hit a shuttlecock over the net from one side to the other, the object being to score points by hitting the shuttle over the net to so that it lands in the other player’s side of the court before they hit it.

  • Points are also awarded when your opponent hits the shuttle outside of the court or fails to clear the net.

Serves and points

  • Serves should be diagonal across the court to count and should always be hit from below the waist.

  • Matches generally consist of best of three game format with the first player/team to reach 21 points winning the set.

  • If the scores are tied at 20 all, then the player/team to gain two clear points ahead of their opponent will win the game.

  • The side who wins the game then goes on to serve first in the next game.


How to play Croquet

  • Set up wickets course in the yard

  • Place Long pole stick at the beginning.

  • Play begins in order of colors on pole

  • One stroke per play

  • Extra stroke after going through wicket

  • Extra stroke if hitting the other players ball

  • First person to go through all the wickets

      and back to the beginning pole wins.


Cornhole Court Layout Rules

  • The court surface must be level and even.

  • The length and width of the court (45ft x 10ft)

  • Indoor Cornhole courts need at least 12ft of vertical clearance.

  • The designated pitcher’s boxes (the 4ft x 3ft spaces on either side of each board/platform)

  • For adult play, the foul line must be 27ft from the front edge of one cornhole to the front edge of the board on its opposite side. For junior matches, this distance must be 21ft.

  • The foul lines

Cornhole Gameplay Rules

  • No foreign substances (e.g., talc powder, silicone sprays, baby powder), should be applied to the cornhole board or the bags before or during play.

  • Upon stepping onto the pitcher’s box, a player has to toss the bag within 15 seconds.

  • Corn hole Players must toss the bag with an under-hand release.

  • A player must toss the bag using the same hand for the entire duration of the match or tournament.

  • In doubles play whereby you have teams of two, the player who is not tossing must stand no less than 2 feet behind the competitor.

  • Each team/player is allowed two 1-minute timeouts in each game, and only a pitching player can call a timeout.

  • There are three circumstances where a player may be allowed to cross the foul line and approach the opposite cornhole board during a frame:
    1. When a timeout has been called.
    2. To rake bags piled inside the cornhole board hole.
    3. To sweep foul bags from the playing surface.

Scoring In Cornhole

  • In corn hole, only one team/player can score in each inning and this is achieved using cancellation scoring. Cancellation scoring is whereby the points of one player/team cancel out the points of their opponent so that in the end, only the non-canceled bags are counted in the final score for that inning.

  • A bag that goes into the hole is known as a cornhole and this is worth 3 points whereas a bag that lands on the board are called a woody and this is 1 point. A Cornhole bag that is hanging into the hole is worth 1 point, and the same score is given to bags which are hanging off the edge of the board, but not touching the ground.

  • Points are awarded 5 seconds after the last bag is pitched and comes to a rest, and also, after all the bags on the board have stopped moving. If a bag happens to move after 5 seconds, then its points shall be awarded based on its previous position.