Team Information

Team Members please read all of the information below very carefully. It will help you in preparing for your week of ministry and hopefully answer a lot of questions that you might have.


Ignite Missions uses Team Ministies to reach villages for Jesus Christ, then follows up with discipleship of the new salvations through the Ignite Follow Up Team.




You may choose Childrens, Youth, Women's, Men's, Medical, Dental, Vet, Eye Glasses, or choose the ministy you feel God leading. We make your desires happen.


Team Types

ADOPT: Returns to the same village each year. Creates relationships. Meets needs in the village. Supports a pastor. Builds a church.


MEET A NEED: Different village each year and helps Ignite meet the needs they have in a village. 




Your ministry village may be near the Ignite compound, where you will sleep in the mission house or may be far away, where you will sleep in a nearby hotel or in a school.



Team Member Fee

$800 a Person (Sleep at Mission House or free facilities)

$850 a Person (Stay in paid lodging)
Includes: Lodging, Food, Insurance, Transportation, Exit Fees.​​​
Does not Include​​​​​​​​​​​: Airfare, Translators, Tips, Ministry Items.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Contact Number

615-257-1203 (Free Internet Phone Line) ​​​​​​​

This is the Contact Number you will need if you are wanting to be reached in Honduras. If the person contacting you leaves a message, we will receive it on our cell phone and can respond.​​​

Mission House

Sleeps 30 (Equipped with Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, great mattresses, Wifi Internet, Vonage Phone to make free calls, Washer and Dryer, Cable, Ping Pong Table, and Basketball area.)



Exchange Money
Ignite will exchange $20 of your money into the local currency for purchasing snacks, and souvenirs​.
Customs Address
Kl. 6 Calle por El Hatillo (You will need this address for filling in your form to enter the country of Honduras.​

​Minors Form
Required notarized form for all minors under the age of 18 traveling without both parents.
At the end of your trip you will have a day for shopping as a tourist and eating at a nice restaurant called El Patio that is included in your team fee.
Travel Insurance
Each team member receives travel insurance that is purchased by Ignite and is included in their team fee. You will receive an email of your policy.
Not required but appreciated by our staff of 6 who work tirelessly to prepare and work for your team. Only if God leads. They do receive a salary from Ignite.

Must be at least 6 months valid. Ignite will place your passport in our safe for the entire week.
Credit Cards
If wanting to use your card, it is recommended that you call your Credit Card company to open it for International use! (Credit Cards are accepted at the Mission House)
​​Sale Items
Ignite T-Shirts ($20)
Honduras Coffee ($5)
Honduras Vanilla ($5)
Hot Sauce ($5)
Cell Phones
If wanting to text or make phone calls using your carrier in the states, you will need to call and add an international package.
Not required but a Tetanus Shot is recommended
It can get cool at night so a jacket is recommended. Decent shorts are allowed at the Mission House and with Recreation Ministry. Shorts are not recommended for the night Church Services.


P.O. Box 2038, Mt. Juliet, TN  37121