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Just a quick update on how it's going with our feeding program. God is blessing!

Praise the Lord, when I sent out an email last week about the need to raise $2400 to be able purchase rice and beans to feed around 600 families, the needed amount came in and we were able to purchase the food on Monday. God so provided. Thank you to everyone who partnered with us in helping feed the hungry. We are so very grateful for your trust.

With the funds given, we started passing out food on this past Tuesday and will again on this Saturday. The people are coming out in droves to get their bag of rice and beans. They are hungry and without money. I am so thankful to God that I could be a part of this blessing in the country where I serve.

Looks like though, we have another week to go of being confined to our homes, so if the funds come in for another donation total of $2400. Then we will go buy on Monday, pack and pass them out for next week. We are trusting God.

If you would like to make a donation to give to our feeding program then please go HERE!

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