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Many of you may know, like most all missionaries in Honduras, the Feazel and Davis families had to return to the states due to the Covid shut down in Honduras and decrease in funding to feed families rice and beans. It was impossible to continue ministry and we were confined to our homes. But our hearts are ready to return to Honduras again, as soon as, the country opens up to international travel and we can begin ministry, which we hope will be soon.

We do want to thank everyone who has continued to support Ignite and our missionaries. You have no idea what a huge blessing it has been.

Because of not being able to pass out rice and beans ourselves in our village where we live, Coy has decided to replace this ministry with giving $300 from his funding to each of our five pastors to help them meet needs of provisions with families in their village. Please know that our pastors are required to send in receipts of money spent for this offering and pictures of passing out food. They are also still given a monthly salary to help them buy food and supplies for their own family.

This has been such a huge success and meeting an overwhelming need that we feel compelled to see if others would like to participate in giving a monthly donation that will be divided between our five pastors for helping with needs in their village. I spoke with Juan Luis one of our pastors and he said that many are going hungry and the need is in abundance.

So I am sure that the more funds given to our Pastors the more they can help feed the hungry and reach more for Christ in their village.

Here is a link to donate online

Here is the address if mailing in a check (PO Box 2038, Mt. Juliet, TN 37121)


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