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Let us begin by sharing our hearts and conveying to you, all our Ignite Supporters, our sincere gratitude for your faithful giving to Ignite Missions through the years. We are indeed blessed and thankful for your trust and dedication to our ministry that we have together. It begins and continues with you. Sam and I pray that we honor your Donations!

Since the Lord has sustained Ignite through Covid, we are now ramping up for next years ministry in Honduras. We need to do this in two ways. Team Ministry and Monthly Support!


We would appreciate your help in connecting Ignite to your local church with bringing a team this next year. We would be more than glad to find a date to meet with your pastor and perhaps speak at your church. We have several new villages that we would like to begin ministry and plant a church. Because of this, we need more teams. Please contact ( if you are interested in helping us connect with your church and view the TEAM LINK if you would like information about teams.


We also need your help in raising our monthly support in order to meet our monthly budget that keeps Ignite ministering in Honduras. This budget includes (Pastor Salaries, Employee Salaries, Missionary Salaries, and Expenses. We are able to pay monthly expenses to keep the ministry running but are not able to pay all the salaries at this time. Because of this, we are beginning a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN to raise monthly support. This Campaign will begin now and last till the end of the year. God knows our needs!

FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN: We would appreciate your help in meeting our goal of $5000 in monthly support. If you feel God leading, then please view this CAMPAIGN LINK to set up a recurring donation or give through mail.

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