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Friday, Sept. 3 to Sunday, Sept. 12th
Mainly Decor and Household Items
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We are Sam and Peggy with Ignite Missions. After many years of renting our home, we are finally building our own house and are selling many items in order to downsize. Everything is priced to go, so don't miss out on this Huge Sale. 

Please view the Sale Spreadsheet below of the for sale items and prices. The status of each item is marked as available or sold. 

If you see an item on the Sale Spreadsheet that you would like to purchase, then please follow the Reserve Form link below to reserve your items. Each person reserving needs to fill in a separate submission. In other words, please do not reserve an item for someone else on your form submission. This is for knowing what item belongs to what person and how much that person owes.. After we receive your submission of items to reserve, we will quickly label the items as sold on the Sale Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet updates in realtime, but will need to refresh your browser to view the most recent changes. The items are reserved on first come first serve basis, so please reserve quickly in order to assure that your items will not be sold.

We ask that you purchase with Cash (Dollars/Limps) or Card when picking up your items. This way you can evaluate the items first before purchasing to make sure they meet your expectations.

If for any reason your purchased items do not perform in the way you anticipated, then we will refund your money with no questions asked. 

The plan for receiving your requested items of purchase is to meet us on Sunday, Sept. 12 at Mall Dorado side parking lot in Tegucigalpa from 2-4pm. Direction link is below. If for some reason you can not arrive for this meeting time, then we can make other arrangements but would appreciate you or someone else that you know, try very hard to accommodate our delivery time.



Follow this link or Scroll down to view the Sale Spreadsheet for choosing the items you would like to reserve for purchase.

After choosing your items, follow the Reserve Form link and fill in the form by choosing the item numbers you want to reserve. 

Pick up reserved items at Mall Dorado in Tegucigalpa on Sun. Sept. 12th from 2:00 to 4:00pm

Follow the link to Email Peggy with questions about items or whatsapp her at (+615.939.9187)

Many Single Fitted/Flat sheets and Adult and Children books will be available for purchase on Sun. Sept. 12 from 2-4 in Tegucigalpa at Mall Dorado when picking up your reserved items.