Sam Update, Fund, and Blessings

May 1, 2018


Praise the Lord Sam is doing better but is still in the hospital. On the day we were scheduled to leave the hospital, the Trauma doctors noticed that Sam's white blood count was elevated and decided to do a CT Scan which found blood pooled in his lungs. The reason for the shortness of breathe Sam had been having. We thought it was from broken ribs. The solution was to place a chest tube in so the blood could drain out. We are so glad they found the problem before leaving the hospital. Sam being an ex nurse knew how painful the chest tube would be. It killed me to see him hurting so badly and could do nothing. The pain medicines did start helping and is having the chest tube out today, where going home will follow. After further investigation the Trauma doctor thinks the reason for elevated white blood count was not the lung problem but the fact that Sam has no spleen. If it were not for elevated white blood count the lung problem would not have been found and he would have gone home with blood in his lungs. Now, that is God at work. Sam has learned to stand on his right leg with the help of a walker and use it to pivot over and sit in a chair. He can not use his left leg for three months while his pelvis heals. And can not put full weight on his right leg for six weeks. It is going to be long process of healing but God is in control. We are taking one day at a time. 





A huge blessing is that Rusty Russell set up YouCaring fund for us to help with all the medical expenses. As far as we know our insurance should pay for everything but the deductible of $5000. We also had to pay for my emergency flight to the States, expenses while in a hospital not close to home and other unexpected items.

A fund to help with these expenses is a a huge blessing.

It has been so encouraging to see the breathe of love that has been bestowed upon us. We are blessed indeed!





Another blessing that came out of this, is that Sam wanted time with his boys to bond and wow! did they bond. Through all the pain they bonded. They will forever be connected for saving their Dad's life. Sam loves his boys and his son-in-law Coy and wants to have a very close relationship with them all. They stopped and took this picture for me because they knew how much I loved waterfalls. 





The Lord also gave a sweet blessing through a man named Wes Smith. He paid for and built a wheelchair ramp at our home and loaned us a wheelchair. How grateful we are to him and Mike Bruce for making this happen. Huge blessing! 




Another, yes there is another blessing. Coy and Morgan have told us that they will be available to continue all ministry in Honduras. Wow! are we so very thankful. They will be hosting right now at least three more teams and a Missionary Marriage Retreat. Along with everyday ministry of discipleship groups. 




This past Saturday, Sam had been able to transfer to a wheelchair and we went to the top floor of the hospital to look out of the windows and enjoy God's beauty. Sam looked at me and said "What time is it?" It was the exact time a week ago that his accident happened. We literally held each other and wept. I prayed over Sam thanking the Lord that I have my husbands life and that he is not paralyzed. It was truly a miracle that he survived. We worshipped and thanked God together. 




Because Sam was going to be gone for only two weeks in the states, I elected to stay back in Honduras and continue with ministry. I had met with a lady in Tatumbla named Iris and we had a plan to start visiting different neighborhoods in Tatumbla where we lived to begin discipleship groups that would grow into house churches. We also had plans to start visiting house to house in Montanita. A small village that has no evangelical presence where we are starting ministry. I was so excited about my week of ministry, when I got the call from Parker on last Saturday at around 9:00. He told me that Sam had been in a bad accident, that they had no cell signal where Sam was, and that when they had signal would call me for an update. Parker had travelled to a high spot to get signal to call me. So, through shaking and trembling of not knowing anything about the severity of his injuries, I began packing and purchasing the only flight out that left at noon that day. God's timing was perfect in this. Parker did call me in Atlanta that Sam was stable and not critical.. That's all I knew. I was able to leave Honduras at noon and land in Nashville at 8:00 that night. My two wonderful daughter-in-laws picked me up at the airport to go home and sleep then get up that morning to travel to Knoxville. I have been with Sam since and am so thankful that I can work in administration of Ignite and take care of him. God is faithful. 




I'm pretty sure that I mentioned this but Sam actually came to the states to meet with the doctors at Nikolaus Hospital in Miami. He needed to present her case to them to see if they would accept it. Praise the Lord, they did say they could do her surgery, which would involve removing her facial cheek bones on her right side that are infused with the tumor and doing reconstructive surgery after. This is the only solution to completely removing the tumor that keeps growing in her cheek bones. We are now in the waiting stage for the hospital to give us quote for the operations, so we can start raising the funds. We do have a family that Sam met with that has agreed to let Wendy and her mom live with them during the entire process. 


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