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Captain Preparation
Captain Prep Form
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Welcome to the Team Mission Trip Page. Please scroll down to view the Team Calendar, Team Information, and Captain Preparation Sections


View the Ignite Calendar to view open weeks for booking your Team, then email Peggy Feazel to confirm your team week.


This section is for Team Members and Captain to read in preparation for their upcoming Mission trip. 


If traveling with more than 10 members you may book as a group by contacting Group Source TravelXPL is the Comayagua airport code when searching for airfare in Honduras.

Cell Phones
If wanting to text or make phone calls using your carrier in the states, you will need to call and add an international package.
It can get cool at night so a jacket is recommended. Decent shorts are allowed at the Mission House and with Recreation Ministry. Shorts are not recommended for the night Church Services.


Please contact Peggy Feazel with all Team Questions by

Email (

Fb Messaging (Peggy Sue Feazel)

Whatsapp (+16159399187)

Internet Line (615-257-1206) 



Entering Honduras:

When leaving the states for Honduras you must show proof of Covid Test or Vaccination. Upon filling in PreCheck Form you will be asked to upload Vaccine Record or Covid test Results

1. Obtain a Rapid Antigen Test 24 hours before departure

2. Fill in PreCheck Form

3. Use PreCheck Answer Form for help in filling in the form.

Entering States:

No restrictions

Credit Cards
It is recommended that you call your Credit Card company to open it for International use! (Credit Cards are accepted at the Mission House)


Customs Address

La Loma, Calle por Tatumbla 
You will need this address for filling in the Customs form that your airline will give you to enter the country of Honduras.​


Exchange Money

Upon arrival into the country, Ignite will exchange $20 of your money to the local currency for purchasing snacks in the village or souvenirs on shopping day. You can pay with dollars when shopping in the Valley but they will not accept any bills that have a tear.


These include items that Ignite purchases for you here in Honduras for your week of ministry. They include the following

  • Large bag of candy for Kids ($15 a bag) 

  • Meal for a Village ($100 for one village for one night) 

  • Rice and Beans ($50 for 50 families) 

  • Bibles (1 box of 24 is $100) 

  • Translators ($150 for each)



$850 a Person 


Lodging, Food, 3 Dining outs, Insurance, Transportation.  

Does not Include:

​​​​​​​​​​​Airfare, Translators, and Ministry Items

MAIL- (P.O. Box 2038, Mt. Juliet, TN. 37121)  or DEPOSIT- (Regions, 0082745641, place name on deposit slip)

Give Aways
You can choose to bring items to give away during your week in villages. We suggest to keep it at a minimum. The best give away item we know of are water filters. They are very needed in the homes of the villages and are a great way to share the gospel. I have placed a list below with suggestions and links.



Travel insurance is included in your Team Member Fee. This covers medical emergencies during your time in Honduras. Ignite will order each member their insurance a week before you arrive and will be emailed their policy card and benefits. Each team member has the same Insurance Card with the same Policy Number which can be viewed online in case of lost card.

Ignite offers you a suggestion of Lessons and Dramas for Children and Youth for your week of ministry. You may use these or plan your own. Please view, send or download the Lessons by following this Media Link. It is highly recommended that your team members act out the bible stories for the kids. They will be more engaged. It is also recommended that you do the salvation day lesson on the last day. 



All linens are provided for your week. These include, pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels. 


You will stay in the Ignite Mission House if your ministry is near that location. You will stay in a nearby hotel or school if your ministry is far away from the Mission House. 

View our Ministries with photos Here!
Women's Ministry
This can take place during Children's Ministry as a Bible Study or Event that focuses on being a Women of God.
Men's Ministry
This normally happens as a night special event Church Service that focuses on being a Man of God.
Children or Youth Ministry
You will divide your team members into three groups. These three groups will rotate through the Schools Classrooms until all the grades have been seen. Usually 20 minutes for each session group.​
1. Recreation Group: Honduran Recreation leader will be provided by Ignite. We also
provide a  parachute and Balls.
2. Lesson Group: Team members prepare a different lesson for each of ministry. The
same lesson will be shared with each school for that day. A translator will be provided.
Please try hard to make the lessons interactive with dramas.
3. Craft Group: Team members will prepare the craft that will go with the Bible Story for
that day. Ignite will provide the amount of students to prepare for.


Minor Form

This form, that will need to be notarized, is for teens under the age of 18 flying without one of their parents. Check with your airline for guidelines. Please download the Minor Form

Pack List

Please download, print or share the Team Trip Pack List for giving to each Team Member



Passports must be 6 months valid to departure date in order to fly out of country

Preparation Email

After the Team Captain has secured a date on the calendar, Ignite will email the Captain information about preparing for the team. The email will include the link to this page for viewing and submitting the Captain Prep Form that is due at least one month before arrival.



Ignite sells shirts, Honduras Vanilla, and Honduran Coffee that can be bought with Credit Card.

Please know that on the last day of ministry we share Christ with each child, student, or adult. Those who want to follow Christ are then given a bible, devotion, and paper with their Disciples name, phone number, start date and location for beginning discipleship. We also write down their phone number if possible. We then place all the Salvation Names on a spreadsheet that is shared with the Team Members for praying. 


Your ministry schedule will most likely be in 2 parts each day that is a morning session in a village and Afternoon Session in another village. If you have a Medical Team this team will be in the same village all day with changing locations each day. Morning and Afternoon. The morning ministry will most likely be the same as the afternoon ministry but in different villages. All of this depends on the size of your village. You may choose to go to a Village Elementary School in the morning and to a High School in the afternoon. During these school times you may have women's ministry to the moms of the school or have a construction project of placing floor and roofs in houses.

Not required but a Tetanus Shot is the only shot recommended for your mission trip



Learn some Spanish for your trip with Babbel. Available on your Computer or Phone. Available with in app purchase for $10 a month. Share the link with your team members.
At the end of your trip you will have a day to shop as a tourist and eat at a nice restaurant that is included in your team fee. That can include going to visit the Christ Statue in a National Park and Shopping in Village called the Valley of Angels. Team members love both. For shopping you will be able to pay in Dollars, Local Currency, or Card. It is best to bring small denominations of Dollars. 



This section is for the Team Captain only to read in preparation for the Mission trip. 

There are two sections to read. Please scroll down to read both.

1. Steps for Leading a Team

2. Captain Preparation Form




This section is for all Team Captains who have booked a Team week on the calendar with Ignite. Please take the time to read the Steps in preparing for your team. 

For a reference in preparing for your team, please bookmark this website on your phone or computer for quick access.

Scroll down to read the Captain Preparation Form Section 



  • Secure a Date on the Calendar

  • Read Information Section about Teams

  • Begin searching for Airfare

  • Host an interest meeting

  • Choose the Ministries you would like to have

  • Fill in Captain Prep Form below (at least 1 month before arrival)

  • Send Team Insurance Spreadsheet to Ignite (1 week before arrival)

  • Mail or Deposit $850 a person Team Member Fees (1 week before arrival)

      P.O. Box 2038, Mt. Juliet, TN. 37121 | Regions (0082745641) place name on deposit slip





This section is for all Team Captains to read and fill in the Form in preparation for your team. 


Please read the questions below carefully and know your answers before filling in the Prep Form that is at the end of these questions. 

If you get stuck on a question and would like to continue the form in the future, then please hit the SAVE button at the bottom of the form and you will be emailed the link to continue filling in when you are ready.

What type of team would you like for your Mission Trip?

Please know if your desire for Ignite is to Adopt a Village or Help Ignite with meeting a need.

  • Adopt a Village | Return to the same village each year 

  • Meet a Need | Different village each year that meets an Ignite need

Other than yourself, who would you like to receive Ignite communication emails or chats about team preparation? 

As the Team Captain you can choose other team members that Ignite can add to the communication group email. An example would be a Team member that is in charge of organizing Women's ministry for the team. We will begin an email subject with the added members where everyone in the group will reply to all to stay in the loop. This way all information is in the one place to help the organization and preparation of your team be accurate with no missing communication. Ignite will also create a FB Messaging Group with your members for answering quick questions that might arise. We try hard to reply quickly. Please know the Name, Email, and FB Website for each member you would like to add.

How do you plan to pay for your Team Member Fees?

For the Team member Payment please choose if you would like to mail in a check to PO Box 2038, Mt. Juliet, TN. 37122 or deposit a check directly into the Ignite Regions Bank Account.

How many team members will you be bringing?

Please know the amount of girls and guys that will be on trip for knowing how to prepare the dorms. Our Mission Compound has two gender dorms that will only sleep up to 20 guests each.

What airline and time will you be flying?

Know the airline and time you will be arriving in Honduras

Will there will be any arrival deviations?

Know if there is anyone on your team that will be arriving at a different time and airline.


Are there any Special Requests?

Know if you have any birthdays, anniversaries, or special requests of team members during the team week

Are there any members with food allergies?

know if there are any members on your team that have any allergies to food. An example is Gluten Free. We are more than happy to accommodate thier needs.

Will your members be wearing the same T-Shirt?

Know if your team members will be all wearing the same color T-Shirt when arriving at the airport. We need to know the color.

Who is your team connected to?

The purpose of this question is to know if your Church or Ignite will be sending each Team member or donor an end of the year Donation Summary Statement for tax purposes. The Team Member Fee is considered a donation to Ignite Missions. The airfare purchase for each member is not considered a donation and can not receive a tax donation letter for this.

  • Connected to a Church:

Each Team Member Fee or donations made for the trip costs will be sent to the church and the church will send one total check to Ignite. The church will also send each team member and end of the year donation report.

  • Connected to Ignite:

Each Team Member fee or donations made for the trip costs will be sent to Ignite Missions. Where Ignite will send an end of the year donation report.

Would you like Ignite to share the Wifi Password of the Mission House?

The wifi password can be shared with all team members, chosen team members, or just the captain. This option is left up to the Team Captain. We suggest not giving it out to the Youth Team Members.

Would you like all American Meals, Honduran Meals, or Half and Half?

Our Ignite meals are top notch and hearty that include Hamburgers, Steaks, Spaghetti, Quesadillas, Chicken Soup, Tostadas, Fried Chicken, Lasagna, Parmesan Chicken, Honduran Breakfast, French Toast, and several honduran meals. Our desire is for you to eat and sleep well so you will be ready for ministry each day. We do make accommodations for allergies and special diets.

Would you like your team to have a touring day?

This day can be a half day or a full day of touring. Depending on if you would like the other half of the day for ministry. Normal teams do ministry Monday to Friday and tour half day or all day on Saturday. Touring day consists of Shopping in the Valley of Angels, Visit Christ Statue and Restaurant for dinner that is provided.

Do you as the Team Captain plan to have devotions with your team?

It is recommended that your team have a time to reflect on the Lord and your mission trip some nights in order to share what God is doing in their life through the Mission Trip. On the last night in country a bon fire can be arranged for a week ending reflection. If you do not plan to have a devotion then Sam the Ignite Missionary can provide this.

What type of ministries would you like for your team? 
Children, Women, Men, Youth, Evangelism, Construction, Medical, or Dental. Please view this Ministry link for a detailed description of each. You can also add your own type of personal ministry that you feel God leading you to do. You will be ministering to one of our Ignite Churches or helping Ignite plant a new church in a village.

How would you like Ignite to handle your expenses for the week?

You will be asked on the form to choose the way you would like to handle your team expenses. 

  • Budget (You give us a budget for all your ministry needs)

  • Estimate (You tell us your ministry desires and we give you an estimate)

What ministry items would you like Ignite to purchase for your week?

Know what ministry items you would like for Ignite to purchase in Honduras for your week of ministry before filling in the form. Ministry Expenses for your Week are not covered under the Team Member Fee. This is an added ministry expense where Ignite will purchase for reimbursement and added to your expense budget quote or estimation. It is recommended that the Team Captain add $100 or amount chosen to each team members fee they owe for the trip to cover ministry expenses for the Team.

  • Large bag of candy for Kids ($15 a bag) Ignite purchases

  • Meal for a Village ($100 for one village for one night) Ignite purchases and prepares

  • Rice and Beans ($50 for 50 families) Team divides into bags after arrival

  • Bibles (1 box of 24 is $100) Ignite purchases

How many translators would you like for Ignite to provide for your week?

Know the amount of translators you would like for Ignite to hire for your team week. One translator is included in your team fees automatically for free by Ignite but can order more if needed. Each translator costs $150 for the week of ministry and is considered a ministry expense that is not included in your team member fee. This expense item will be added to your expense budget or given in your estimate. Most teams use 2 Translators.

Would you like a tour day?

Know if you would like your team to have a FULL, HALF, or NO tour day for your week of ministry. Most teams have a full tour day on their last day in country which will include shopping, site seeing, and dining out. It can be a full day of fun. Or, you can choose to do a half day of ministry in the morning, and tour the last half. Please tell all members to be sure and open their Credit Card for international use and to bring small denominations of Bills. 

Would like your team to attend a Church Service at night?

Your team can attend an ignite Church Service or have a special service in the village they are serving in.

Would you like to receive ministry updates?

Know if you would like to receive emailed updates about ministry in the village where your team served.

Would you be bringing Give Away items for your week of ministry?

Know what Give Aways you will be bringing before filling in the form. Depending on your ministry choices, you can purchase and bring give aways for your week of ministry. We have found water filters to be a great tool in sharing Christ by going door to door in villages. They are highly recommended. 


Give Aways may include:

Do you agree with our doctrine of beliefs?

Please view our Doctrine of Beliefs for knowing if you agree with our statement. We want to be on the same page with our beliefs.

Do you agree with our Ignite policy?

Ignite is a Non-Profit Mission Organization that is Non-Denominational with Baptist Theology. We ask that all Team Members be of one mind in the Spirit of God and have one goal which is to reach others for Jesus Christ and to disciple these new believers. We ask that each team member profess to Know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.