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Team Travel Information for Pre-Check

Rapid Antigen Test 
If not Vaccinated then please follow this My Labs link, that will open in a new window, to make an appointment to have a proctored test administered using your own bought Rapid Antigen test purchased at your local pharmacy or online at My Labs. Schedule this appointment for at least 72 hours before departure. The cost for the proctored online test will be $19.95 and will guide through the process of administering the antigen test to yourself. The Results of this test will be emailed to you within minutes after your test is final. 

Pre-Check Form
All team members need to fill in this form before checking in to your flight to Honduras. You will show the printed Pre-check form at Flight Checkin.

1. Follow the Pre-Check Form Link that will open in a new window
2. Change the page to English. The link is under the Login area
3. Create an Account by entering your User Name and Password
4. Login and Change the Page to English in top right corner
5. Hit the + Button to create a new Pre-Checkin

Select your Origen Country (United States of America)
Select your Destination Country (Honduras)
Whats your Nationality (United States)
Type of Transport (Air Transport)
Immigration Office (Aeropuerto de Palmerola)
Transportation Company (Choose your airline)
Flight Number (Plane Flight Number)
Travel Date (Date you depart for Honduras)
Travel Time (Time flight leaves)
Travel Reason (Site Seeing)
Destination Address (Tatumbla, Calle por La Loma)
Destination State (Francisco Morazon)       

Destination City (Tatumbla)
Stay in Days (6 Days)
Document Type (Passport)
Issuing Country (United States)
Document Number (Number on Passport)
Expiration Date (Date Passport Expires)
Name (First Name)
Last Name (Last Name)
Date of Birth (Date you were born)
Gender (Male or Female)
Country of Birth (United States of America)
Country of Resident (United States of America)
Profession (Student or your occupation)
Personal Phone Number (Your phone number)
Personal Email (Your Email)

Health Form
After submitting the Pre-Check Form you will be directed to a Web Page to fill in a Health Form. After submitting this form, it will be sent to Honduras electronically and will not see it again. You will not need to print it or show it when checking in.

Forme de Transporte
Fecha de Ingreso / Date of Arrival (Date)
Hora de Ingreso al País / Time of arrival (Time)
Fecha de llenado/ Date when survey is filled (Date)
Tipo de Viajero / Traveler Type (Tourist)
Numero de Pasaporte / Passaport Number (Number)
Adjuntar Fotografía / Add passport (Upload)
Ultima de vacuna / Date of last vaccination (Date)
COVID o  Vacunación / Vac Card or Test (Upload)
Primer Nombre /First Name (Name)
Segundo Nombre/Middle Name (Name)
Primer Apellido / Last Name (Name)
Segundo Apellido (None)
Genero / Gender (Male or Female)
Nacionalidad / Nationality (United States)
Profesión/Profession (Job)
Ha Padecido COVID-19 / Have you had Covid (No)
Pais de Residencia / Country of Residency (United States)
Ultimas conexiones / Last City you were in (City)
Tipo de Estadia / Type of Stay (Vivienda/Residencia)
Department (Francisco Morazan)
Municipios/Municipality (Tatumbla)
Fecha Prevista / Expected Departure Date (6 Days)
Numero de Teléfono / Phone number (Number)
Acceptance (Check)
Lugar de Firmar / Place of Signature (Sign)
He anotado el identificador / Confirm the Form 

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