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April 3, 2020

Feeding the Hungry


Today Coy and Morgan were able to go buy rice and beans to pass out to the villagers who are without food here in our area of the country. Honduras has been on a mandated shut down for over two weeks and have another two weeks to go. The poor families up in the mountains have no way of getting food and are without work. Because of this the Lord burned a desire in both Coy and Sam to help them with passing out Rice and Beans. On average they are helping about 300 families. So many people have stepped up and helped through donating funds to buy the food and for this we are so very grateful. We make a team. Tomorrow we bag the rice and beans and the next day pass out. Do know that we are wearing protective masks and gloves when giving out the food. The spreading virus has hit Honduras mostly up to the North where they have 103 cases. Our area only has 39 cases. Because of the aggressive shut down they hope to keep the numbers down. The health care system of Honduras is not equipped to handle the influx of Coronavirus patience. Please be praying for protection for our families and the Hondurans. 

We also have been able to help all of our pastors with food and water while they are shut in. 

If you would like to help with giving a donation to help buy rice and beans then please follow the link bleow.

Donation Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2038, Mt. Juliet, TN  37121

P.O. Box 2038, Mt. Juliet, TN  37121